Water Based Tours & Activities

Cabo San Lucas Watersports

Sport Fishing

Cabo San Lucas Sport fishing, Sport fishing Cabo San Lucas, cabo san lucas tours, los cabos tours, cabo san lucas activities, los cabos activities, Marlin fishing, Tuna fishing, Dorado fishing, deep sea fishing, fly fishingFight a Marlin, Catch some Tuna, Dorado, Wahoo or any other of the dozens of species the Sea of Cortez has on offer. Whether you’re looking for a fight, something to scratch off your Bucket List, or just something to eat, the Sea of Cortez has what you’re looking for.

From the experienced to the first-timer, we have captains to make your fishing experience one of the most memorable Cabo San Lucas tours you take this trip.  Go it alone, take the family, or fish in the lap of luxury with friends, we have a variety of boat sizes and comfort levels to fit any need.

Do you want to fish a tournament, or even go out for an overnight trip… All you have to do is ask. Let us get you out for a day on the water, so you can bring back the catch of the day.                    Book Now

Sunset Cruise

Sunset Cruise in Los Cabos. Cabo San Lucas. Great way to end the day after golf or activities at Puerto Los Cabos, Cabo Real, Palmilla, Campestre, Cabo del Sol, cabo san lucas tours, los cabos tours, cabo san lucas activities, los cabos activities.What better way to spend an evening than out on a boat at sunset.  We offer a variety of sunset cruises to our customers, including full sit down meal and show options, private charters, wine and jazz, or the wild and crazy. Tell us what you want, so we can get you on the perfect trip for you.


Whale Watching

tailCabo San Lucas tours get you up close and personal with these giant mammals.  Los Cabos is host to two species of whale; The Humpback and the Pacific Grey Whale.  Both species use the waters off of the Baja Peninsula to give birth and also to breed.  The humpback whale is the whale you generally see putting on spectacular shows, launching itself from the water with immense power, however the Grey Whales also entertain, raising their heads fully out, to see what is around them.  Later in the season, young grey whales have been known to come right up to boats out of curiosity, allowing lucky spectators to even pet them.

Los Cabos whale watching season is generally December – March, however whales can often be seen in November through the end of April.  We offer a variety of Whalewatching excursions.  Get out on one of the specific Cabo San Lucas Tours to see the whales, or if you decide to do any of our other water based activities during the season, you often get treated to a whale show as a bonus.                    Book Now

Scuba Diving

DiveThe Sea of Cortez was once described by Jacques Cousteau as “The World’s Aquarium”. With such a variety of underwater terrain and species to be seen, why not head down under the ocean and check it out.

The region has a variety of dive locations, including 2 marine parks brimming with action. Take the time to discover the underwater world.  If you’re not certified, we can organise courses up to Divemaster, or a simple one day “Discover SCUBA” experience.  If SCUBA Diving isn’t for you, try snorkelling with us instead.                   Book Now

Whale Shark Excursion

Whale SharkIf you’ve never seen them before and have a spirit of adventure, take the time to head up to La Paz and head out to snorkel with these incredible animals.  Whale Sharks are one of those animals we still know so little about, however we do know that every year several of these amazing animals decide to come and feed in the shallows of the La Paz Bay.

Growing up to 60ft long and like part of their name suggests, these gentle giants feed on krill.  Generally the younger animals visit the bay, and stay for several months, getting their fill.  Guests often have the opportunity so snorkel with creatures measuring up to 30ft long.