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Los Cabos Zip Lines

Get your adrenaline Fix on Los Cabos best Zip Lines!

Enjoy the most adrenaline filled activities Los Cabos has on Offer.  Zip Lines, Giant Tarzan Swing and Bungee Jumping are sure to excite even the biggest Adrenaline Junkie!

Zip Lines

Wild Canyon Zip Lines Los Cabos best adrenaline activitiesSoar across the canyons in the surrounding areas of Los Cabos.  Wild Canyon Zip Lines will take you on an action packed, high speed adventure through the canyons just 15 mins from downtown.  With several companies to choose from, we offer you the best, the closest and the longest circuit all in one place.

Strap on your gear, go through the training session and you’re off zipping across the awesome canyon landscape.

Enjoy the scenery as you wander from line to line and the sound of the wind racing past your ears as you cross the canyon.

Take the family for a whole family adventure.  Kids as young as 8 years old can enjoy the Zip Lining experience.  For the even younger ones, there’s still several activities to keep entertained, including the Animal Kingdom and the longest wooden pedestrian suspension bridge in the world.

Reach speeds up to 60MPH on these high speed lines, with unmatched safety standards.  Double up on some lines to share the experience with friends, loved ones, or even a total stranger if you choose.

Book your Zip Lines NOW for something different!  Be careful, it may become one of your “Must Do” activities, every time you’re in Los Cabos.

Giant Tarzan Swing

Tarzan Swing Los Cabos at Wild Canyon Adventure ParkWhen was the last time you sat leisurely on a swing, and swung back and forth?  Sitting leisurely on a swing, with the wind rushing past your ears, forgetting any concerns, taking you back to your school days.

Our Giant Tarzan Swing Kicks that sensation into overdrive!!!  Starting from a height of 229 meters from the canyon floor, you make the decision to pull the pin that see you freefall close to 50 meters, before the cables ever so gently take your weight and control the rest of your momentum through the 240ft radius of the pendulum, swinging you at speeds up to 140km/hr, on the biggest swing you’ve probably ever seen.

Once you get to the end, you stop for a fraction of a second before, just like any other swing…  you repeat it all again!  Backwards.

A great adrenaline rush for one or two people at a time, the freefall is so smooth, you’ll want to do it over and over again.  Starting from the glass floored gondola, you’ll be given some spectacular views of the Sea of Cortez looking back towards the Arch in Cabo San Lucas.

Bungee Jumping

bungee wild canyon adrenaline los cabos zip liningFeeling Wild??  Take the Plunge!!

Get your adrenaline fill today!!  Bungee Jumping is here in Los Cabos!

If you’ve ever thought about bungee jumping, stop thinking and take the plunge Now!

We’ve all seen those “lunatics” jumping from cranes over concrete pavements around the world.  Come and try it in a natural surrounding, from the only Glass Bottom Gondola in Los Cabos.  Suspended 350ft above the Canyon Floor, take a long look at the spectacular 360deg views just before you jump out into the open air and free-fall towards the canyon floor.

Feel the adrenaline as you make the decision to   5…  4…  3…  2…  1…  Buuuungeeeeeee!!!!!  Now is a great time to scream!!!  Bungee is an adventure you will never forget, especially with a GoPro video of yourself doing it!!

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